Erik and I have been jamming it up at Piranha Marketing with one of our favs, Joe Polish. It’s impossible not to get fired up while being here and think of the umpteen billion more things we want to bring to our peeps to make their marketing even more awesome.

SuperBowl-Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

As we talk advertising, commercials, copy and everything that makes my mouth water, I couldn’t help but think of this past Sunday. One of the best things about the Superbowl? Yes! The commercials. Because that’s what we pay attention to (plus Denver got whooped!  After a certain point it wasn’t that fun to watch. We just felt bad for them.). Just give me more bean dip and throw in an extra chocolate cupcake with a helmet too.

Here’s what I noticed. Commercials and whiteboard marketing videos have a lot in common.

The best ones:

1. Tell a story. (Ellen DeGeneres Beats music commercial)

2. Play on your emotions. (Budwiser and fuzzy feelings)

3. Evoke action. (Chevy #PurpleYourProfile)

And do it all in a short amount of time. That’s exactly what we’ve been trying to tell you all along.

Guess what? The Olympics are starting and you’ll see the same thing all over again.

But these commercials (and whiteboard videos) are memorable and can make a difference for your audience.  Are you doing this for your cause and community?