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Educational Videos

Animated educational videos are a proven teaching tool, leveraged by savvy educators to break down complex ideas into a clear, engaging, simplified lesson. Student engagement is one of the hardest aspects of being a teacher, so it is crucial to keep lessons creative in order to keep your classroom interested. Our brains process videos and images faster and better than written words, and retain the information much longer. One reason is that our brains are hardwired to fixate on animated images and stay focused.


Benefits of Video

Let’s say you’d like to teach people about an unfamiliar topic—such as new software, a scientific chemical process, how to use a product, or a strategy to get your marketing team better results. You can write a training manual that’s confusing and hard to decipher. OR you can engage sensory memory with a high quality, three-minute whiteboard animated educational video loaded with funky art, eye-catching graphics, and a specially written script. Short animated explainer videos are designed for maximum educational value & allows for those involved to find meaning behind the topic they are attempting to learn.


How does it work?

Animated whiteboard videos brings your lessons to life. A talented artist records themselves in the process of drawing your lesson in vivid detail. As your script is read, the drawing animation is sped up, for a super cool visual effect. People use imagery to better grasp what you’re teaching and stay focused, making animated educational movies or videos the next best thing to teaching in person. It’s an effective way to teach any lesson, and unlike a classroom, you can reach tens of thousands of people at once.


Telling Your Lesson’s Story

The amazing part of a whiteboard and cartoon animation video is that every step of the educational material is SIMPLE to follow. Some educators begin with background, to give the lesson context. Others inject value by describing the problem being solved. Many jump right into the heart of the lesson. Either way, videos are the most effective way enhance the experience of learning of complex and confusing topics. Since Whiteboards offer unlimited graphic options, it’s simple to create something powerful and unique to foster engagement.


Multiple Videos

For maximum clarity and educational value, create multiple videos. Some lessons are complex, and need extensive explanation. That’s where animated whiteboard stories easily excel. Most of us have short attention spans making long video lectures less effective. Breaking apart a dense topic into an extra 2 to 5-minute video can make important details more inviting and entertaining, leading to better cognitive retention.


Viewer Response

Teaching videos are a profound and effective way to tell an animated story. Viewers will understand your lesson with depth and clarity. And unlike a classroom, these lessons are designed to excite, and WILL NOT be viewed as boring, tedious, or a waste of time. Your video may be the most amazing educational experience your students ever had!


Think of it as virtual classroom meets Netflix.

Whiteboard Animated Videos

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