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Whiteboard and Cartoon Animation Video Productions for Corporate Business

It’s an age-old dilemma: you have valuable information to teach or disseminate to a large group of employees. Maybe it’s a new software you’re trying out, your company just got enlisted by a big client, you’re about to break into a new market, or trying to pitch your services to a business owner.

How do you spread your message to a large group in an effective way? Create a 20 page report? Bo–ring. Powerpoint presentation? Yikes! There must be a better way. A more FUN way.

Now there is…a riveting animated explainer video for business. People love animated images. Our brains are hardwired to get excited and fixated. It’s almost hypnotic. The innovation of a promotional, explanatory animated video speaks volumes about the way you do business.


Benefits of Video

If you give employees a written report, they may quickly skim it while they eat dinner. Instead, show them a fun, three-to-five minute high-quality corporate whiteboard video loaded with funky art, eye-catching graphics, and a specially written narrated script. These corporate videos are a marketer’s dream as they are designed to hold viewers’ attention and get them excited about your company’s new undertaking. Employees won’t view this as a chore or homework. In fact, they’ll probably thank you for making work lighthearted and fun, while they absorb the vital information you’re looking to convey. It’s a win-win.


How does it work?

Animated business video productions tell your company’s story in a unique and engaging way. A top artist records themselves in the process of drawing your company’s message. As your script is read, the drawing process is sped up, for super cool visuals. Instead of employees deciphering a confusing paragraph while bathing the kids, they’ll be immersed in your animated explanation video. Visual images enable you to simplify complex and confusing ideas, making them clear, straightforward, and easy to remember.


Telling Your Story

Corporate explanation videos are a great vehicle to deliver valuable content, using the powerful impact of a story. Let’s say you’re a marketing firm taking on a new client. You need your team to know every detail about your client’s product, target market & audience, website, Facebook page, and every other relevant piece of information. Your video can capture all the images, and tell your client’s story. This type of production is the most simple, clear, and effective way to educate your team.


Multiple Videos

Every business communicates with its employees different, and some corporate messages need a more detailed explanation and description. If the information is too extensive for one lesson, no problem. Simply create multiple corporate training videos. Employees (like everyone else) have short attention spans, and a 2 to 5 minute video offers the additional details you need, in easy-to-follow package that won’t overwhelm.


Viewer Response

Whiteboard animation videos have a profound impact on your business and employees. It can boost morale and keep them motivated. Not only will they will understand the information, they’ll appreciate the WAY you delivered it. Instead of viewing it as a chore or burden, they’ll feel grateful and dedicated. By showing them you care enough to create a video that make their lives easier, they’ll show their gratitude by working extra hard. Take your business to the next level.

Whiteboard Animated Videos

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