Imagine this: 

You want to create a profitable marketing video for your business. The kind that will grab your ideal customers by the eyeballs and make them pant, drool, and swoon over your product or service. 

So, where do you start? 

You consider how best to highlight your offer in the video. You think about the message you want to convey to viewers. You…


You’re about to commit the worst video marketing mistake a business can make.

And if you do? Then it doesn’t matter how life-altering your product or service is, or how much money, time, and talent you pour into crafting your video… if you make this mistake, you won’t generate the ROI you need.

Your video will fall flatter than a pancake plopped onto your plate first thing in the morning. 

So, you’re probably wondering, “Hey Summer, what’s with the pancake metaphor?” (The answer is: I’m writing this first thing in the morning before I’ve had my breakfast.)

But the other thing you must be wondering is: what’s the mistake? And is it really so terrible? Spoilers: yes.

But let’s tackle these questions in order.

The biggest reason most marketing videos fail comes down to one huge error…


Focusing on your offer VS focusing on the viewer

To sell a product or service, you must first pitch it to an interested buyer — right? That’s just common sense.

Sadly, most business owners assume that anyone seeing their offer is already interested. They think:

“Well, since this customer is here, they must know they need my offer. Time to talk this person’s ear off about how amazing my solution is! If my video oozes confidence, they’ll be impressed enough to hopefully give me money… Fool. Proof.”

This is a devastating mistake.

Just because a potential buyer comes across your marketing video, you should never assume that they are interested in your offer — or even something like your offer.

In fact, they probably couldn’t care less!

Why would they give a rat’s fuzzy butt about some company’s products or services? No, your customers only care about themselves. Their problems. Their goals. Their own hopes, fears, and dreams.

…And that’s a problem — because your livelihood hinges on people being interested in what you sell!

So: how do you compel your customers to pay attention to your offer?

The solution is simple, but kind of scary.


Talk to your viewers about their favorite topic in the world…

A.k.a… themselves!

Think about it: effective marketing is all about meeting people where they are. And where most people are is nose-deep in their own cra… err, problems. So if you want them to pay undivided attention to your offer and give it the careful consideration it deserves — that’s where you start.

First, you prove to your viewers that you deeply understand their problems, goals, fears, dreams, and psychological barriers, and sincerely want to help them.

Then, you position your product or service as the solution to all the stuff that keeps your prospects up at night. And lo and behold: you’ve found a way to make them care about your offer — by showing how it will help them and serve them!

Which is all your customers wanted to know in the first place.

Now, you know what to do to make your marketing videos persuasive and magnetic… but there’s still one problem.

Customer-centric marketing is surprisingly challenging to pull off. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get carried away by old habits, and spotlight your business, your offer, your philosophy, your amazing brunch from two weeks ago… anything but what your viewers want and need to hear.

So let me give you 3 actionable strategies for turning any marketing video (or any message, period) from a self-indulgent snoozefest into a customer-obsessed persuasion powerhouse!


3 strategies for creating viewer-centric videos that convert

Putting your audience front and center of your marketing videos doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, if you focus on nailing just 3 things in your video script, your campaigns will eclipse 99,99% of marketing content in your industry, sticking out like a beautiful fruit basket among piles of moldy apple cores and banana peels (there I go with the food metaphors again…)!

Those 3 things are:

  • Making your customer the “dramatic lead” of your video’s story.
  • Tightly connecting your offer to the customer’s problems and goals.
  • And speaking your customer’s language throughout the video.

Now, let’s break down what this looks like in practical, actionable terms. To create a customer-focused video that persuades, you must…


1. Make your customer the hero of the video

Fully insert them into the narrative as the main character, or talk to them in the second person throughout the video. From the first second, make it clear that your message is 100% for them and about them.

Here’s an example of a story-focused marketing video that makes the viewer into the main character. And here’s a more direct 2nd-person narration addressing the viewer through “the 4th wall” of the screen.

Both approaches can work like gangbusters — you decide which fits your brand more!


2. Do a “vibe check” on your script

Read through your marketing video script multiple times, ideally out loud. And as you do this, ask yourself: does this actually center the customer and their needs / problems… or does it keep sidelining the viewer to brag about the offer?

For example, here are some telltale signs that your video isn’t customer-focused enough:

– You say “I” or “we” a lot, but rarely “you”
– 50% or more of the script is about your business or offer
– You don’t reference the viewer’s problems and goals enough


3. “So what?” your way to greatness

Here’s a neat technique you can use to make your marketing video more customer-obsessed. Whenever you reference a selling point or feature of your product or service, stop and ask:

“So what?” Feel free to do it out loud, and use the most hoity-toity tone of voice you can muster. Then, come up with an answer your customer would actually care about — a.k.a. some benefit or outcome they desperately want, and your solution can deliver.

Then, incorporate that answer into the script of your marketing video. Rinse and repeat until everything you say in the video resonates with what your viewer wants!


After implementing these 3 techniques, your marketing video will never fail to engage your ideal customers. Actually, scratch that — it will do much better than simply “engage.” It will excite. Captivate. Electrify. And most importantly… it will convert.

All thanks to the simple strategic shift of getting out of your own way and putting the customer first — where they belong.

Happy marketing. <3


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