“Traffic is king.” 

“The money is in the list.” 

Every time I hear these uber-popular marketing quotes, I want to roll my eyes a little bit. 

It’s not that they’re wrong… it’s that they don’t tell the whole story. (Which is totally fine, by the way! Quotable soundbites aren’t meant to be comprehensive guides.) 

Yes, traffic is vital. And sure, email is, on average, the highest-ROI channel out there.

But simply driving traffic and growing your list will not magically give you more sales.

Not without a system to convert visitors into leads… leads into prospects… and prospects into buyers.

A system also known as a marketing funnel.

I would not be exaggerating if I called it the most powerful sales and marketing asset available to any business. Without an effective funnel in place, you could be swimming in traffic and leads… and still fail to convert them into paying customers.

But with a smartly constructed funnel? You could 2X or 3X your entire business — without any new traffic or leads! And you’d continue to generate consistent revenue, day after day, month after month.

I have seen this time and again with my consulting clients.

They’d come to me saying, “Summer, I’m getting good traffic, and my list is growing, but my sales have stalled anyway. Help!”

And sure enough, after looking into their business for five minutes, I’d see that they don’t have a system in place to nurture and convert all that traffic and subscribers! So I’d help them implement the most basic marketing funnel and run it for at least a month.

Suddenly, they’d go from 96 sales appointments in a month… to 265. An almost triple increase!

All thanks to a super simple funnel designed to engage, nurture, and convert prospects — mostly on autopilot.

But what exactly makes funnels so jaw-droppingly powerful? Well, that’s what we’re going to cover today. Read on, and I will share with you 5 staggering benefits of marketing funnels, which apply to any business in any industry.

Yep, yours included! Dive in and see for yourself…

Cartoon drawing of a man riding down a rollercoaster. He is poised at the apex, ready to plummet into a tunnel of comically large, colorful funnels. A speech bubble next to him says: "F-word!"


1. Funnels put YOU in control of the sales process

A friend of mine told me the other week, “I don’t want my sales team to sell during sales calls… I want them to be taking orders.” 

I really felt that one, let me tell you! 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every prospect arrived at the moment of sale — via product page, sales call, in-person meeting etc. — already pre-nurtured and “pre-sold” on your offer? Imagine never having to deal with people who aren’t ready to buy, and only talking to ideal prospects.

(I mean, the time savings alone…)

That’s exactly what a marketing funnel can do for you!

It’s literally in the name: a funnel is designed to filter the highest quality prospects from everyone else, and deliver them to you. And along the way, you get to prep them for the sale!

You’ll have every opportunity to…

  • Build trust early by helping your prospects solve a pain point
  • Teach them what they need to know about your solution
  • Raise and thoroughly demolish every potential objection
  • Show overwhelming proof that your offer is awesome
  • Intensify your prospects’ desire and need for change

By the time the prospect lands on your sales page, or Zooms you for a sales call, they will be primed to say yes to your offer. And the best part is, all that nurturing happens on autopilot — outside of deploying the actual funnel, you don’t have to lift a finger to do anything manually.

See? When I said it could be your greatest sales and marketing asset, I meant it. And we haven’t even touched on benefits #2 through #5!


2. Funnels help you direct the customer journey

In real life, customer journeys don’t look anything like neat, linear paths.

People don’t go from “perfect stranger” to “enthusiastic buyer” in a smooth and steady progression — all in the same order, all at the same pace.

No: almost everyone’s customer journey is a tangled mess, full of pauses, false starts, and last-minute changes of heart.

Some people take minutes to convert. Others take days, weeks, or months. Some need years

You don’t know in advance which is which, or make someone become a buyer before they’re ready.

You can only…

  1. Stay in your leads’ orbit through different channels (socials, email, etc.)
  2. Deliver ongoing value appropriate to their stage of awareness
  3. Give them plenty of opportunities to buy when they feel ready

Now, you can’t possibly control all the touchpoints a prospect might have with your brand. That’s impossible. Not even trillion-dollar corporations can manage it, and boy are they trying!

But that’s where funnels come in. 

Here’s how they benefit both business owners and customers…

  • For your target market, a funnel provides a clear and straightforward path to conversion. It’s always there, like a brightly-lit landing strip — just waiting to receive them when they’re ready!
  • And for business owners, funnels tame the ludicrous complexity of customer journeys and organize it into several key milestones. They give entrepreneurs a structure to focus on and develop over time.

Within that structure, it becomes much easier to decide how you’re helping prospects to hit those milestones; to track and measure the performance of your funnel; and to optimize any elements that under-perform.

Speaking of…


3. Funnels are easier to troubleshoot and optimize

Like I’ve said before, one massive advantage of marketing funnels is their structure

Think about it: if your sales are lagging behind, and you have no established system to generate, nurture, and convert leads… how the heck will you even know what’s wrong? There are so many moving parts to worry about! Your website alone is an optimization nightmare — and that’s just one potential source of the problem.

And even if you do find the issue — how will you fix it, or evaluate whether it worked? Again, there are simply too many variables.

Now, compare that to a funnel:

With a marketing funnel, you have a tight ecosystem designed to guide prospects down a set path. As a rule, each element of your funnel only has one job — to nudge them further towards the sale.

In this scenario, all you gotta do is follow the path and examine each element in turn. For example:

Let’s say you’re a service-based business and you get 90% of new clients via sales calls. Here are some issues you may run into in your funnel…

  • Not enough leads? Take a long, hard look at your traffic channels first; then, move on to your landing page and its explainer video, if you have one (which I recommend!)
  • Sales calendar not filling up? Your nurturing process might be to blame. Level up your email sequence — and go a little heavier on pitching that appointment at the end.
  • Too many non-ideal prospects wasting your sales team’s time? Check if your lead magnet is aligned to attract the kind of leads you need; and be more aggressive about qualifying people for sales calls.

See? It’s way easier to troubleshoot and optimize with a funnel!


4. You and *only* you own your funnel (and your list)

Pop quiz: what’s the #1 thing that any business must do to survive and thrive online? 

That’s right — it must build an independent marketing asset.

Let’s face it, the modern internet is essentially 5 websites that everybody hates… but keeps using anyway. And you have to use them, too — ‘cause that’s where all your potential buyers are!

But in the long run, you need something more. Something that only you own.

You need an asset that’s immune to the arbitrary rules of third-party platforms, or their constantly shifting algorithms and popularity. An asset that won’t go up in smoke just because, say, your business page got banned by Facebook (it happens way more often than you think)… 

…or because everyone has pounced on the hot new social media site where you don’t have an established presence yet.

If you have an effective marketing funnel, paired with a top-quality email list, you can attract potential buyers off those third-party websites — and on to your owned channels.

And once you’ve done that, you won’t have to worry about algorithm changes, or restrictive guidelines, or shifting trends. You will have a completely independent line of communication with your target market! One where only you get to decide what to sell, how to sell it, how often, and to whom.

That’s a luxury most online businesses could only dream of — but if you leverage the power of funnel marketing, it’s totally achievable within just a few months!


5. Funnel creation is scalable and endlessly repeatable

This is the best part.

If you create and deploy a marketing funnel once, you will always be able to do it again — even faster and even better. And the benefits will only continue to snowball!

Check this out:

Let’s say you build a simple funnel that converts website visitors into subscribers, and then nurtures them to book sales calls with your team.

This type of funnel can double or triple your business just by its lonesome! But why stop there?

Next, you can implement another funnel — this time, upselling your existing customers on a different product or service you offer. This will effortlessly boost your average order value and your lifetime client value.

…But why stop there, either?

You could build and deploy another funnel — to generate high-quality referrals from your happy customer base, growing your business. (Zero new ad spend or high-maintenance content marketing required!)

And all it takes to kickstart this kind of unstoppable growth is just one marketing funnel.

So… Do you want one? *wink* Then my team and I can help.

We want to build a high-performing video-powered funnel for your business, from start to finish. You won’t have to lift a finger, or even show up in front of a camera — we’ll do all the work!

Check out all the assets you will get as part of your brand-new, shiny, revenue-generating funnel:

  • 2 prospect-pulling video ads to drive targeted traffic to your site
  • Powerful explainer video that captures the life-altering value of your offer
  • Video-optimized landing page that converts, personalized to your brand
  • Custom 5-part nurturing email sequence to convert prospects into buyers

Plus, in addition to those assets, you will receive:

  • 1-on-1 marketing audit where we’ll deep-dive into your business and strategize how to create a funnel that supports your goals.
  • And hands-on tech support and implementation — so you can deploy your new funnel and start generating revenue as quickly as possible!

Interested? Then book a free, no-strings-attached appointment below:

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