5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Video (Beyond Boosting Sales)

Yes, video marketing can help you increase conversions and make more sales. 

But it’s not the only reason your brand needs video — not by a long shot! 

(To be fair, boosting sales is more than enough motivation to get started with video marketing. No one has ever said, “You know what? I don’t want more sales, I’m good!”

Video can also help you:

  • Attract more attention to your brand and position you as an industry authority.
  • Build trust with your audience waaay before they buy, giving you an edge over the competition.
  • Grow strong, long-term relationships with new customers after they convert for the first time.

And much, much more.

For today’s article, we’ve picked 5 major ways your brand can benefit from video — besides just making more sales.

What was that? You can only see 3 reasons? Well, you’ll have to discover the other two by reading the full blog post! *wink*

The image shows The Draw Shop's mascot, ROIVid, talking to a blonde businesswoman wearing a fuchsia suit. Above ROIVid is a speech bubble with 5 multi-colored exclamation points.

1. Expressing your brand identity

Every day, your customers get bombarded with thousands of messages, all competing for their attention. “Read this! Watch this! Click here! Share this! Buy now!” — and on and on it goes.

How are you supposed to cut through all this noise and get your message heard? And not just heard, but understood and taken to heart? The traditional content formats like blog posts, images, podcasts and others can still work…

…but they don’t give you the same instant recognizability that video does. And in this crowded content landscape, you’ll need it!

Video can express your unique brand’s personality on every level that counts:

  • Visuals? You have literally dozens of styles at your disposal, from 2D and 3D animation, to live action, to motion graphics and whiteboard videos. There’s a ton of variation even within each style, so you can always find a look that aligns with your brand.
  • Tone of voice? Wherever your brand voice sits on the spectrum between formal, casual, and off-the-wall goofy, video can convey it much better than text and images, or even audio.
  • Values? Video gives you the most authentic, human way to express what your company stands for and cares about. If you want to appeal to consumers on a deeper level than just pricing/features/quality/etc., this is the best medium for it.

2. Building trust with your audience

Most website visitors won’t buy anything from you right away. Heck, most of them won’t even convert into leads immediately! But the longer those potential customers stick around, and the more they interact with your brand, the more opportunities you’ll get to turn them into buyers.

Video content helps you develop authentic, human relationships with your audience better than any other medium — here’s how:

  • Video is an excellent way to deliver education and value to your target customers. If you help them learn something useful, solve a problem, and improve their lives before money even changes hands, you’ll earn yourself loyal fans.
  • People love stories, and video storytelling is incredibly engaging. It combines text, audio, and visuals in a way no other type of content can. Storytelling helps you humanize your brand and connect with your audience emotionally.
  • Finally, video is memorable. Research shows that viewers remember a video for 30 days after watching it… and a really great one can stay with them for much longer than that. So if you want to cultivate a lasting relationship with potential customers, making sure they remember who you are is a key step — just sayin’!

3. Maximizing customer success

Helping new customers make the most of your product or service is one of the best ways to grow your business. If you out-care your competition and help your customers be more successful, you’ll turn them from one-off buyers into lifelong fans of your brand who will keep buying again and again.

Video can help you do this in 3 key ways:

  • Customer onboarding. Use video to teach new buyers how to use your product or service to the fullest, show them what to do if they run into issues or have questions, and validate their buying decision.
  • Stellar customer support. Encourage your team to use video voicemails to check in or follow up with new customers. This feels a lot more personal than just email back-and-forth, and will humanize all their interactions with your brand.
  • Saying hi and saying thank you. Welcome videos and thank-you videos help customers feel valued and seen in a way that automated emails can’t. Sure, they don’t “scale” — but the extra effort is worth it to build lasting, authentic relationships with your buyers!

4. Hiring the right people

Hiring remains a huge challenge for businesses, large and small. Companies spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars chasing the best candidates…

…and they still make mistakes all the time!

Brands hire people who don’t fit the role, key positions don’t get filled for months on end — and the costs just keep snowballing.

Now, video by itself won’t revolutionize hiring. But it can make it easier to find the right people for your team, in a few ways:

  • A video showing what your workplace is like will naturally resonate with people who’d make a great fit… and turn away everyone else. That means, you’ll spend less time digging through crappy resumes to find the candidates who are actually qualified!
  • Videos starring your team members or management will help to build trust and an emotional connection with job seekers — just like with customers! Everyone wants to work with cool people, and showing just how awesome your team is will help your company stand out as a great place to work.
  • Nobody likes long-winded, stuffy job descriptions with 20+ bullet points listing all the “necessary qualifications.” Most of them would be way more engaging and memorable as videos! Save this tactic for 2 specific scenarios: a) when you’re trying to fill a super-important, unique role… or b) when you’re hiring for the same position often (e.g. sales or customer support).

5. Training and inspiring your team

A huge and underrated subset of marketing is something called “internal marketing.” It’s all about communicating with your employees, finding better ways to educate and train them, persuading them to do something, helping them feel more satisfied in their roles — all that good stuff.

For many businesses, communicating with their team means long-winded email memos, hour-long meetings, and thick-as-a-brick handbooks. Ugh! Why would you subject your employees to all this when video exists?

Here’s how video can boost your team’s productivity, happiness, and all-around ability to kick butt and get stuff done:

  • Use employee training videos to onboard new hires, teach your team new skills, update them about policy changes, or help them learn new processes. This doesn’t just make your operations more effective — it increases your bottom line. Studies show that companies that invest in on-the-job training earn 25% more revenue on average! 
  • Video can convey complicated ideas and strategies in a very simple, clear way that’s impossible to misunderstand. It works wonders when you need to get everyone on the same page about the company’s vision for the year, or your marketing strategy, or any other big-picture idea.
  • Use video to celebrate big milestones, like hitting a revenue goal, pulling off a huge project, or just saying cheers to another great year. Here at The Draw Shop, we have an annual tradition of Christmas videos, and the team loves them!

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