Let’s play a word association game.

We say something, you respond with the first thing that comes to mind.

Ready? “Corporate training videos!”

You said “boring,” didn’t you?

Fair enough. Can’t argue with the truth. And the truth is, if you were to look at every corporate training video example under the sun…

…you would see that 99,99% of them are a total snoozefest.

But you still need them. So instead of complaining – as warranted as it might be! – let’s focus on joining the 0,01% of the best corporate training videos out there.

If you want to make your corporate training videos more exciting, adding interactivity is an easy fix. And in today’s article, we’ll discuss the top 3 reasons for making your corporate training videos interactive – for fun and profit, literally!

Starting with the easy one.

1. Active participation beats passive consumption

What do you remember from your school lessons or college lectures?

Probably not a lot.

And it’s not simply because school and college happened a long time ago. We could show you a great TED talk right now, quiz you on it a week later, and you wouldn’t remember much anyway.

That’s because consumption of content – even interesting, engaging content – is a passive experience. For the material to sink in properly, you would need either:

  1. Multiple viewings – which becomes a gigantic chore when the content is boring.


             2.The ability to participate in, and interact with, the content as you go.

Ten times out of ten, active participation beats passive consumption. That’s why hands-on training is more effective than just sitting through a corporate training video.

But it’s often impossible or impractical to deliver hands-on training for everything your employees should be able to do. And learning on the job, while effective, can lead to mistakes and misunderstandings that hamstring people’s performance and your company growth.

Making your corporate training videos interactive is the next best thing. Watching an interactive video will hold your employees’ interest throughout, boosting the effectiveness of your training.

For example:

A regular corporate training video that explains your company policy would be a snoozefest. Yes, it’s important – but that doesn’t make it any less boring. But if you take that same video and add one interactive element to it… you can make it engaging.

Here’s just one way it might work using a simple interactive quiz. Let’s say that your employees are watching a video about your shipping and returns policy. It explains that your brand provides free US-wide shipping on all orders, and free international shipping on orders over $100.

Then, the video would pause and a question would appear, quizzing them on what they just heard. Once they pick an answer, the video picks up where it left off – until the next question. And so on. This is a tiny change, but it encourages participation and boosts engagement.

And the best part is, even if your employees get every single answer wrong, they will immediately see what the correct option was, and remember it anyway!

2. It’s not just learning – it’s practice

It’s ironic that most corporate training videos contain very little actual training.

Most corporate video examples you find online focus on imparting information and knowledge – both good and necessary things.

But when it comes to putting said knowledge and information in context and using them to improve employee performance… your average corporate training video fails.

For two reasons:

  1. The training isn’t specific enough. It looks at rules and policies, not concrete scenarios that employees will face on the job.
  2. There’s plenty of information being given, but few opportunities to put it into practice. Much of this knowledge remains theoretical and fades from memory.

The best corporate training videos avoid both of these pitfalls – by focusing on practical skills and adding interactivity. Now, here’s how it could work…

Let’s run a little thought experiment. Imagine a corporate training video that aims to teach great customer service – an essential skill for marketing, sales, fulfillment… everything, really.

Now, if the video just told the employees about the rules of communicating with customers, it would commit both of the errors we’ve just talked about. It would be unspecific and overloaded with out-of-context, theoretical information.

Well, there’s nothing that a little interactivity can’t fix!

The same corporate training video becomes ten times more effective if:

  • It stops trying to recite rules of conduct, but instead simulates a common customer service scenario: say, interacting with an unhappy customer who wants a refund. This highly specific situation gives an opportunity to teach the same rules in a much more organic fashion.
  • And, to make sure employees can practice what they are learning, it compels them to make choices that affect the outcome of that interaction. They would pick from a list of things to do for the customer, or things to say to them, that would impact how the scenario unfolds.

This new corporate training video deals with the same subject matter. It has the same goal – teaching employees about stellar customer support. But because it’s highly focused and interactive, it helps employees to practice these new skills and internalize them on a deeper level.

Much better than just telling them, “Hey – if X happens, do Y, m’kay?”

And as we’re about to see, this kind of practical learning becomes invaluable when the training wheels come off…


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3. Interactive corporate training videos have real-world carryover

When push comes to shove, which employee would you trust to do their job more competently?

Someone who sat through a PowerPoint presentation or read a bunch of PDFs instructing them how to act in a certain situation…

…or someone who completed an interactive corporate training video walking them through the exact scenario they will face in the workplace?

You don’t have to be a neuroscientist or an instructional designer to know the right answer.

Sure, everyone learns in a different way. Some people prefer passive consumption because they retain more information that way! And for others, anything short of real, hands-on training on the job will not do the trick.

But here’s what makes interactive corporate training videos such a great fit for the vast majority of employees – they provide a synthesis of different learning styles.

For visual learners, they demonstrate procedures and scenarios they will face. For auditory learners, they deliver information through voiceover. For those who learn by reading and writing things down, they can have facts, figures, and interactive questionnaires.

But most importantly, for kinesthetic learners who “learn by doing,” they give an opportunity to do that, too! Maybe not in the most hands-on way – but even this kind of simulated experience makes a difference in performance.

We all know from studies that just visualizing an activity makes you improve a little bit. Interactive corporate training videos take advantage of the same principle. And it works!

Time to create your best corporate training videos yet!

Any business can benefit from an interactive corporate training video. Here are just a few ways it could make a difference for your brand:

  • Speeding up employee onboarding would improve performance across the board. The faster a new hire starts pulling their own weight in the company, the better!
  • Improving your training quality would help your employees resolve high-stakes situations faster. This could bring all sorts of benefits, from reducing your refund rates to making operations more efficient.
  • Better onboarding and training means that employees will stay at the company longer, reducing your turnover rate and hiring costs.

If you want to create an interactive corporate training video, we’d like to help! Get in touch with us today and book a no-cost, risk-free pow wow to discuss your idea.

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