YouTube icon cartoonHaving a killer whiteboard video is great. You know that content is King and that’s why you put together a marketing video that’s full of steamy, juicy details that offer your audience exactly what they crave and keep them coming back for more.

You did do that, right?

Because if you didn’t, the video is not going to do much for your business. So, for now, let’s assume you have that video in your hands.

The purpose of marketing videos is to encourage viewers to engage on a deeper level with your business.

So how do you do this?

Here are some of my top five faves on using videos to create a warm, cozy and let’s not forget stimulating and invigorating relationship with your potential and existing peeps.

1. Kick-Off the Conversation

If you want people to connect with your content, first you need to reach out and invite them to do so.  Post your video on all your social networks and blog.  Be sure to invite people to watch it and comment because their opinion is positively valuable and they should know that! Then watch the succulent conversation unfold…

2. Get provocative

That’s right. The best way to get people to comment on your video is to ask a question that will provoke them. Make an astounding claim that inspires a strong reaction.  By encouraging them to comment on a surprising or controversial subject, you give them a more compelling reason to share their thoughts.  And in case, you haven’t noticed – people love to be heard. Check out this stellar example that gained nearly 200,000 views in less than a month!

3. Respond!

Your comment thread, on YouTube or wherever else you post your video, is one of the greatest opportunities you have to connect directly with your customers and discover exactly what they think about your products, business, services and marketing efforts (which is GOLD).  When you respond to their comments, you show them that you’re truly interested in what they have to say.

Remember, people don’t want to do business with faceless businesses, they prefer to do business with people they know and like and feel CONNECTED to. The more you can connect with them on a personal level, the more invested they’ll be in your business.

4. Share the love

If you see the same names frequently coming up in the comments, take the time to visit their YouTube channel and leave a comment there.  People really appreciate it when you show interest and make the effort to learn more about them.  It greatly increases the likelihood of them returning to your channel and watching, sharing and commenting on more of your videos in the future.

5. Take the conversation off YouTube

Another great way to strengthen the relationship with your most avid commenters is to find them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and keep the conversation going on those channels as well.  It gives you more opportunities to connect and will help you grow your network on various platforms.

How about you?

How do you use YouTube to increase engagement and strengthen your relationship with your customer base?  Come tell us on Facebook or Twitter! We really want to hear! If your answer is “I don’t,” then you’re missing out on a precious opportunity to create loyal fans and increase your sales.

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call!  We’d be happy to walk you through the benefits of using your marketing video as a key relationship-building tool. Call 858-432-DRAW or email [email protected] to book a complimentary 20-minute consultation today.