Do you have goals that you just ignored or put to the side because of the stress and the challenges presented this year? In this episode of Backstage Business, we’re going to talk about your 2021 comeback. I’ll explain why you need to marinate in what’s going on before moving on and the key things you need to do to make a plan and get moving.

While this past year was challenging, many entrepreneurs have been able to lean into those challenges and turn them into something really great. Whether that was you or not, I will be sharing different ways that you can take action now and set yourself up for success for 2021 and beyond. Rather than just counting the days until 2020 is over, let’s dig into our goals and dreams for next year and find a way to make them happen.

In this episode, we cover topics such as:

  • How to set inspiring goals for the coming year.
  • Why vague doesn’t work.
  • How to bring back revenue.
  • How to take what you have and operate at a high level.

Please enjoy today’s episode — and visit the resources below to find everything mentioned in the show!

What you will hear:

[1:40] How to create massive shifts in your business by marinating in what went down this year.

[6:01] Creating a plan and why it’s still important even in uncertain times.

[12:37] What you can do to set yourself up for revenue success.

[17:34] The importance of shifting focus and being versatile.

[22:46] Getting clear on roles and direction.

[25:58] Casting a vision for the future.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Marinate in the things you’re really proud of or things that really surprised you that were awesome this year.” - @summerfelixmulder Click To Tweet “This year was huge in terms of taking a bunch off the plate and focusing on things that would just really move the needle and not overwhelm my team.” - @summerfelixmulder Click To Tweet “Setting goals doesn’t mean that everything has to go according to plan. It just gives my team a direction to aim for.” - @summerfelixmulder Click To Tweet


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